Top Custom Home Building Trends in 2021

Custom Home Trends 2021

Creative at Home Flex Spaces and Rooms

It’s no secret that 2020 brought many changes, thus resulting in lifestyle adjustments and more time at home. With most people working from home, multifunctional rooms went from an added luxury to an absolute necessity. This is why home offices take the top spot for the most popular flex rooms.

If there are no rooms to spare as a designated office space, have no fear. Utilizing a nook or small area within a home can help make a simple space feel like a separate work zone. Ready for a tip? If you have a large, closet like room, just add some high-gloss paint, incorporate shelving, throw up some wallpaper and make room for natural lighting wherever you can. Boom! You just turned a small space into a practical, high-end office.

Extra bedrooms serve multiple purposes within a home. Building a spare room to serve as a home gym, utility room, playroom or guest room are all great options for those looking to utilize every room of their home.

Another great way to enjoy entertainment from home is to build a home theater. With people enjoying movie and television streaming services more than ever before, this is a perfect opportunity to optimize an experience for the whole family. A custom home builder can make this concept come to life by using technology and comforting, modern elements. Special acoustical treatments can keep the sound in, giving the viewer the best seat in the house without disturbing those in other rooms.

Red or white? Smaller areas within a home can be used to create wine cellars, which add a luxurious element for any wine lover. This is an easy and cost-efficient way to both elevate the home and make entertaining others easy.

Offering More Outdoors

Redefining what outdoor areas of a home can offer shows homeowners how to enjoy their outdoor spaces in a plethora of ways. Creating outdoor spaces for entertaining, gathering or relaxing are another top trend this year. One example is the addition of outdoor fireplaces or firepits. These are perfect, laid-back spaces where you can relax, even in the colder months.

You can also build a space that functions as an outdoor living room with room for furniture, televisions and audio systems. Leaving spaces open for gardening and landscaping can make your surroundings come to life, while also doubling as privacy from neighbors.

Deck areas and screened-in porches are another smart way for homeowners to utilize their outdoor spaces. Custom outdoor kitchens and bars are great home additions for family nights and hosting guests. A sophisticated outdoor kitchen with resistant countertops, built-in grills or a wine cooler can help to elevate this concept as well.

Add an indoor greenhouse to your custom home to switch up the norm and incorporate the outdoors into your daily routine. This is a wonderful way to bring some life into a home! Turn this luxury into a reality by creating a Florida room, or a room that gets great lighting and has tons of windows.

Keep It Separated

While open floor plans have been trending in modern home designs for years, we are especially seeing a shift to more designated or separated spaces within homes this year. Closing off wide, open spaces can work to create a cozy living space for homeowners, while also giving family members some time to themselves. Adding nooks and pockets within a home can allow for cozy and designated spaces for things such as e-learning, exercising, taking calls, reading, or lounging.

Custom Home Trends to Expect This Year

If you’re hoping to add unique and customized spaces to your home, be sure keep these 2021 trends in mind. Cultivate practicality, while still maintaining a modern and comforting design. Are you looking for a luxury home builder that can create the home of your dreams? If so, get in touch with us today to get started!

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