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Building in Highland Park

Robert Elliot Custom Homes is a leader and premier custom home builder in Highland Park. Our team has built countless homes in Highland Park over the past several decades and continues to provide quality custom home construction to the area.

Hiring a custom home builder can be a difficult task. Pictures show the work a home builder can produce, but photos don’t tell the entire story. At Robert Elliot Custom Homes, we serve our Highland Park clients with the highest level of customer service and transparency. Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of our clients in their new custom home.

Custom Home Building Process

Building a custom home can seem like a very overwhelming process. Our team is committed to making it as simple as possible and taking away the stress and anxiety that can come with building a custom home. We have a process to keep the building process on track and get you in your new custom home in Highland Park as soon as possible.


Milestone 1

During the initial building process, site selection is the top priority. After selecting the perfect site, we will begin meetings with an architect for preliminary design kick-off. We will develop a preliminary budget, which will be massaged and eventually finalized along with your home design. Once your plans have been completed, we will help you arrange your construction financing.

Construction Start

Milestone 2

Your foundation will be poured, the house will be framed, doors and windows will be installed, and all of the HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical will be roughed in. Your selected exterior building materials will be applied, including your roof material. At this time, we also begin to select and review your custom interior finishes.

Interior Construction

Milestone 3

Drywall and texture are installed. Once this is complete, we will begin the installation of cabinets, countertops, flooring, tiles, and trim.

Finish Out

Milestone 4

Phase four starts the installation of appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as your selected door and cabinet hardware. Your flatwork is poured and irrigation and landscape are installed. As the house nears completion, we will finalize painting and staining of cabinets and walls before doing the final sanding and staining of the hardwood floors throughout your home. Once every detail is complete and the punch out list is finalized, it’s time to move in to your brand new custom home!

The Right Custom Home Builder

Finding the right custom home builder can result in hours of research, analysis of photos and much more. As you search, we want to educate you on finding the perfect custom home builder. You can view our guide on home building process and how to plan well for your new home. We are here to make it an easy decision for you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to speak with one of our custom home specialists today.

With every home we build, our goal is to accurately express the personality and character of the people who will live there. This has resulted in a collection of expressive homes that not only reflect the style, personality, and vision of their owners, but that also reflect the commitment and excellence of the team who created them.

If you are looking for a custom home builder in Highland Park, we hope you’ll give us your consideration. Please contact us at (214) 762-3476 to schedule a consultation about your custom home.

Why Highland Park?

There are many reasons to live in Highland Park. From location to quality of life, living in Highland Park is a very desirable area. With only 2.2 square miles of space, finding a home in Highland Park can be challenging. Located just three miles north of Dallas’ center, getting downtown for work, fun or eating out is very convenient. Schools are also a huge deciding factor for families looking to move to the area. Most of the area falls under Highland Park ISD, which serves the community with two elementary schools, an intermediate school and a high school.

Schools are also a factor for families looking to move to the area. Most of the area is served by Highland Park ISD which serves the community with two elementary schools, a intermediate school and a high school.

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