7 Must-Haves When Planning Your Luxury Home

A custom home building contractor is the perfect person to work with you to make your dream home a reality. A custom home can come with as many or as few bells and whistles as you see fit; it’s all about the details. No matter what your vision for your perfect home, here are 7 things you absolutely cannot leave out when working with the best custom home builder Dallas has to offer:

More than Enough Electrical Outlets

2019 saw more than 680,000 new houses sold in the United States. That’s quite a bit of real estate, somehow with never enough outlets. You have the freedom to add as many outlets as is feasible. Your custom home building contractor can help you decide the right place – and number – of outlets to put in your new home.

Separate Clothing Spaces

Why worry about cramming all your clothes into one shared space when you can ask a custom home builder to create as many spaces as you need? Separate closets for you and your partner are the best way to keep peace in your brand new home.

Heated Floors

No one likes stepping out of a nice, warm shower onto a cold stone floor. Heated floors in the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen are truly a simple yet splendid sign of a luxury home. Heated floors can make any custom home cozy in a matter of minutes.

An Upstairs Laundry Area

Whether you do laundry for two or seven, an upstairs laundry is an absolute must to plan with a custom home building contractor when designing your new home. Say goodbye to days of hauling laundry up and down stairs; if you plan to have all the bedrooms on the top floor, why not have the laundry there as well?

Natural Design Elements

A custom home building contractor can do more than just plan cool features for your new home; they can also help you pick accents that perfectly match your custom home to your style. Whether you prefer the earthiness of wood or the crisp, clean look of concrete, custom home building contractors can help you find the perfect design balance.

A Ceiling that Wows

High ceilings are more than just a cool visual feature in a luxury home; they also add the illusion of more space and can upgrade any space from drab to dramatic. Your home builder can even help you pick a statement ceiling that will astonish your guests from the moment they walk in the door.

Smart Tech

Whether you’ve dreamed of a central vacuum system that saves you from having to carry around a heavy piece of equipment or you want to be able to control the lights from any room in the house, a smart home is a must for anyone looking to work with a custom home building contractor. From increasing your security to making your life easier, integrating technology into your luxury home is essential.

Dreaming of building a custom home that’s tailored just for you? We can help. Drop us a line today to discuss your vision and find the perfect luxury home design for you and your family.

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